AMPPL Trials principal, Andy Guptill, has been designing and constructing professional, sustainable trails and features for over eight years, but has been a trail connoisseur since childhood. Growing up in upstate New York, he was constantly scheming and digging new lines on his parents' property, and may have ventured over onto his neighbors land once or twice. Following a 10-year career as a professional mountain bike and road cyclists, Andy began coaching cycling and teaching at Miller School of Albemarle in Charlottesville, Virginia. The School's rapidly-expanding cycling program provided the perfect catalyst to develop a world-class trail network on it's 1600 acre campus, so Andy began working with and learning from some of the best trail builders in the Southeast. After several years of fine-tuning his craft in many areas, including handbuilt singletrack, mechanized flow trails, skills features and bridges, AMPPL Trails was created and offers clients the opportunity to build their dream.